Kids’ Online Safety Advocates Urge Governor Scott to Sign Landmark Vermont Kids Code Legislation


MONTPELIER – More than a dozen organizations and advocates that helped lead the successful fight for the Vermont Kids Code, which unanimously passed both legislative chambers earlier this month, urged Governor Phil Scott to listen to the public mandate for action to protect kids’ data, privacy and safety online by signing H.121 into law.

“You have the power to catapult our state and this nation into a safer future, despite the well-funded tech lobby’s insistence on fighting such progress,” wrote advocates including the American Academy of Pediatrics Vermont Chapter, Front Porch Forum, Design It For Us and Common Sense Media. “By taking this step, Vermont can set a powerful example for the rest of the country in prioritizing the well-being and protection of children in the digital age.”

The letter comes days after a fresh attempt from Big Tech lobbying front group NetChoice to scuttle the bill by sending a veto request to Governor Scott despite parents’ and young people’s pleas for action.

“Big Tech lobbyists are still trying to stop this bill even though it received unanimous support from lawmakers across party lines. This shows that these companies will not only refuse to help our kids but will actively oppose measures that might affect their profits, even at the expense of young people’s safety and wellbeing,” said Kids Code Coalition spokesperson Casey Mock.

Over months of Kids Code hearings, Vermont legislators repeatedly made national news by standing up to Big Tech lobbyists and exposing their deceptive tactics.

Read the full letter here.

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