ICYMI: Vermont Advocates Urge Governor Scott to Sign Kids Code & Data Privacy Bill


Contact: Press@KidsCodeCoalition.org

Parents, kids, small business leaders and advocates for Big Tech accountability joined forces yesterday outside Burlington City Hall to call on Governor Phil Scott to sign H.121, a bill to protect Vermonters’ data and privacy online and require tech companies to factor kids’ safety into their product design.

A roundup of highlights from the demonstration, which the Vermont Kids Code Coalition co-hosted with Consumer Reports, the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Vermont Public Interest Research Group:

WCAX – Advocates push for governor to sign data privacy bill (Lucy Caile, 6/3/24)

“Demonstrators gathered in downtown Burlington to urge Governor Scott to sign data privacy and the Kids Code into law. Parents and local advocates voiced their concerns about social media and the internet’s effect on children’s mental health … The bill, which has already passed the House and the Senate, mirrors initiatives taken by many other states in the country.”

Vermont Public Radio – Advocates push for Scott’s signature on data privacy bill taking on Big Tech (Peter Hirschfeld, 6/3/24)

“Laura Derrendinger, a mother of four from Middletown Springs, told Vermont Public that she’s worried about the effects of social media platforms on teenage brains … Derrendinger is among the many Vermonters who’ll be following Scott’s actions closely. ‘What is at stake is the mental health of an entire generation of Vermont children.’”

Seven Days – Advocates Urge Gov. Scott to Sign Data Privacy Bill (Alison Novak, 6/3/24)

“Jason Van Driesche, chief of staff for Vermont-based social network Front Porch Forum, also spoke in favor of the bill. ‘This legislation resonates deeply with Front Porch Forum’s mission to help neighbors connect and build community … It stands in stark contrast with Big Tech’s reckless and harmful prioritization of profits over privacy, safety and genuine community building.’”

NBC5 – Vermont Kids Code Coalition holds demonstration in support of H.121 bill (Tyler Boronski, 6/3/24)

“Supporters of the bill called on Gov. Phil Scott to sign it to enhance data privacy for minors … If passed, it would establish an age-appropriate design code standard in the state. It would also limit the amount of personal data companies can collect on consumers. Vermont would become the second state, behind Maryland, to sign a joint data privacy and kids code bill into law.”