• The Caledonian Record

    High School Student Advocates for Vermont Kids Code

    As a junior at Mount Mansfield Union High School, I’ve witnessed my generation struggle to navigate an uncharted digital world we were thrust into from a young age with little guidance. We’ve become the unintentional guinea pigs for the tech products designed to keep us perpetually plugged in and constantly online – and we feel…

  • The Rutland Herald

    Schumacher: Calling for Vermont Kids Code

    If I, a pediatrician who’d taken every in-app precaution to protect my child online, couldn’t do so, what did that mean for other families in Vermont? And in the nation at large?

  • Pluribus News

    Md., Vt. advance youth data privacy bills

    The Maryland House and Senate last week passed separate Age-Appropriate Design Code bills on unanimous votes. The Vermont Senate on Tuesday advanced on a unanimous vote a revised version of the model legislation, which also needs sign-off in the House.

  • Community News Service

    ‘Vermont Kids Code’ would ban big tech from collecting children’s data in harmful ways

    Documents in Vermont Attorney General Charity Clark’s lawsuit against Meta reveal that even with around 80% of Vermont teens using Instagram in 2020 — one of the highest rates in the country — the company was still working on ways to get those teens to spend more time per day on the app.

  • Vermont Public

    Capitol Recap: Can Vermont lawmakers rein in Big Tech to protect kids?

    An internet-safety bill that some lawmakers are characterizing as the “strongest” piece of youth mental health legislation in Montpelier this year faces an almost certain legal challenge from the big technology companies it seeks to regulate.